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Notes On Working With Acrylic
Work Table Plans
Paint Booth II!?
Workshop Wireless Noise Attenuating Headset System
Download Young Eagles Flight Certificate Printer for Windows
Rudder Pedal Extensions Rudder Pedal Extensions
Need to drill hardened tail wheel springs? Can't be done? Easy! Just chuck an ordinary masonry drill bit in your drill press and you'll be amazed how easy it is.
The First Flight of Your Aircraft by Chris Heintz
Torque Values Data sheet showing torque values for aircraft bolts, studs, or screws
TM Technologies Cool tools and methods for better metalwork. Tools, tool plans, tool supplies and how-to videos for all types of metalwork.
Epoxy Fiberglass repairs.  
Slick Mag repair  
Aircraft Recognition Light Flasher Circuit
Wire Labels - This is a Microsoft document with common labels for the wiring in your plane. Print them, cut them out and seal them under some clear shrink tubing. Courtesy of Dan Checkoway.  
High Oil Temp Troubleshooting Lycoming Engines
Before You Buy Your Parachute
Emergency Bailout Procedures  Other Parachute articles

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