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GreatLakesFly-in'01pic2.jpg (82387 bytes)1984 Starduster. It was built in Illinois by Marvin Miller. It has a carbureted O-360 and no inverted, so is limited to positive maneuvers for now. I live in Washington State (West Richland). Thanks, Paul Bragg. starduster1.jpg (80336 bytes)

airplane pictured is a Starduster SA100 powered by a Lycoming O-320-E2D,
modified to 160h.p.. It was constructed by a real craftsman, John B.
Snyder, from Richardson, TX., who along with three of his friends, built
four nearly identical SA100's in assembly line fashion, with the one shown
completed in 1994. While it does not have inverted systems, it does a
credible job in entry-level positive "G" aerobatics and is a ball to fly.
Not quite "Pitts-like", but neither are the landings!!

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N-number : N16RS Aircraft Serial Number : SS01 Aircraft Manufacturer : SEAGRAVE Model : STARDUSTER SA-300 Engine Manufacturer : LYCOMING Model : I0360 SER A&C Aircraft Year : 1972 Owner Name : COX ROBERT J : VEDRA BEACH, FL. Photos in flight by Kevin Gorham from an Acroduster.

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