N74RC Smyth-Sidewinder sold

All metal, monoplane, built from Plans and first flown in 1980.

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The Smyth-Sidewinder was winner of the best design award at Oshkosh in 1969. Designed to be built from plans, the results were awesome. The lycoming O-290-g engine gave cruise speeds in the 160+ mph range. With seating side by side and the full canopy it is a ride you would expect from a fighter. Controls are extremely quick making the Sidewinder a very agile aircraft. Controls may be a little too quick for low time or student pilots. BUT IT IS A LOT OF FUN,  LIKE A HIGH POWERED SPORTS CAR!

 Stress design of +9 and - 4. 

 Empty weight of N-74RC is 867 lbs, gross wt is 1450 lbs. engine and airframe has less than 1000 hours total time on the O-290G, 125 hp Lycoming.  Wing span 24'10", length 19'4" wing area 96sq ft. Cabin width is appox 34-36" wide.

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