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triplane1.jpg (30095 bytes) Fokker DR 1 (replica)
triplane2.jpg (28329 bytes) The Fokker Dr 1  was a successful plane in World War One. It was known as one of the best dogfighters of the war. The Fokker Dr 1 was a terrible plane in the hand of an inexperienced pilot but with an experienced pilot it was an almost unstoppable dogfighter. One pilot that made the Fokker Dr 1 very successful was 'Rictofen, Manfred Albrecht, Rittmeister Freiherr von' or commonly known as the 'Red Baron'.  (Nope that's not him in the photo)         More info
mono1.jpg (30934 bytes) 1913 Morane Saulnier Replica
mono2.jpg (20936 bytes) Used by the French Air Force, RAF and the Russian Air Service. The real reason for this aeroplane's place in aviation history (and how it changed fighter design for all time) is the fact that Raymond Saulnier had invented a rudimentary synchronizing gear for machine guns enabling the gun to shoot between revolving blades of the propeller.  More info