1976 MGB

$500.00 bucket of bolts floating in rust was the starting point.

As soon as time is available I shall put forth the photos of the
battle to at least get the beauty rolling. Show quality, absolute
original finished product is not the goal. Something fun to drive
and remind me of my brand NEW 1970 MGB that I used to pull my bass boat
from place to place is the intention.

I had some 200,000 miles on my 70 MGB, even shipped it to Japan
during my Air Force days. Fun little beast, the girls felt safe in it,
however the seats did recline and offer suitable support for "romance"
usually followed by "I can't believe we did it in that little car" (remember
this was the era  of the drive in theater). Ultimately that led to my statement
of "you'r what?" and the car was traded for something larger
capable of transporting a family.

The following photos show my 1970 MGB towing my 16ft bass boat.


Body repairs                     http://www.theautoist.com/body_repairs.htm

 Carpet install