The Grove Gear Modification on my Skybolt

Skybolt (4 Cylinder)
Gross Weight:  1800 lbs.
Weight:  39.0 lbs.
Material: 2024-T6 Aluminum
Axle Type: Cleveland 600x6
Optional Gundrill 
P/N 1061-3 

Grove single gear

        modification to the SKYBOLT.

grovegear1.gif (498650 bytes)  grovegear2.gif (537174 bytes) grovegear3.gif (521560 bytes) 600x6a.jpg (16455 bytes) Click for larger view

This single change made the Skybolt a pure pleasure to land on grass or pavement.  Grove Aircraft was great to work with during the "should I do this" phase. Several phone calls and lots of information from someone that knows and understands airplanes convinced me to place the order. Prior to arrival of the gear, drawings arrived at the WingNuts, Inc. hangar so Mike and crew could prep the Skybolt for the actual installation. When the gear leg arrived the bolt-up was painless and perfect. The lack of tubing for the brake system was especially nice and clean since I had opted for the optional "gundrilled" gear. The first takeoff and landing was just like sex for the first time. She handled like a dream with no bounce and drag like the old bungie system.  Catch me at a fly in and try this out