As you may know Kevin was killed in a crash of his pride an joy. Kevin is greatly missed but his memory will not grow dim.

The NTSB has determined the aircraft malfunctioned causing the crash. The full report can be found at 


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Frank and Kevin Gorham of Panama City Florida and their GOLD DUSTER!

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Name:  Frank & Kevin Gorham
City:  Panama City
State or Province:  Florida
Country:  USA
Aircraft:  SA750
Year Completed:  1981
N Number:  N363J
Engine:  IO-360-A1B
Prop:  3 blade MT
Canopy:  No
Smoke System:  Yes
Inverted Oil:  Yes
Windshield Type:  Bubble
Comments and History:  This is THE Gold Duster of the color manual, "Building the Gold Duster". Original fabric and paint. Built by Jim McKeehan, stored for several years, purchased from Buck Roetman who flew it in airshows thru-out the SE. 500hrs TT. Many minor mods and "improvements", including bubble windshield, smoke system, oil breather line into the exhaust, front cockpit cover panel, braided steel fuel & brake lines, stainless/cleanable fuel filter, battery shut off, Odyssey battery, fuel fill/guage streamlined, heat treated main gear/reinforced attach points, new machined flying wire fittings, 5 point harness attach swivels, mode-c, removed front brakes, modified rudder pedals, +,+,+ Great flying machine!!