Young Eagles flight 2007









WHAT?  "YOUNG EAGLES"  Flights for Jeffrey Scott Davey Art Contest award winners. 

JEFFREY SCOTT DAVEY: Jeffrey was a Northside Elementary School fifth grade student who lost his life in a cycling accident near his home in Venetian Villa. He was an avid aviation enthusiast who spent hours watching the airplanes take off and land at Panama City Airport. A park was dedicated a few years ago at the site where he would bicycle and dream of flying. 

AVIATION ART CONTEST: For over 12 years, Northside School has remembered its former student with an annual aviation art contest. Third through fifth graders produce art works in different genres each year. Three finalists are selected from each grade as well as an overall winner.   

AWARDS: All finalists are given free airplane rides (see below) from PC airport along the beach. Jeffrey’s parents, Brent and Meiko Davey, endow a $1000 bond for the overall best selected artist. The top award is announced just prior to the flights. 

“YOUNG EAGLE” AIRCRAFT FLIGHTS: Young Eagle flights are provided free by members of the worldwide Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA).  Pilots and owners provide their aircraft and time free of charge to introduce children sixteen and under to the wonders of aviation. To date over 1.5 million children have been flown by Young Eagle pilots. The current Young Eagles chairperson is Harrison Ford, who succeeded BGen Chuck Yeager. A Panama City EAA chapter is based at Sandy Creek Airpark.  More information is available at and  

PRESS NOTES: This is a visually rich event with excited children flying for the first time for a noteworthy cause. Interesting local aircraft are on display. The overall winner will be announced just before the flights. Children and parents receive a safety briefing prior to flying. This year’s winners include the young girl who donated skin grafts to save her critically burned sister two years ago, and a disadvantaged girl living at a local shelter whose brother was a finalist last year.  

CONTACTS: Overall Coordinator - Dave Rutenberg,

                      Northside/Art contact: Ruta Plemmons,