Vegas Trip From Panama City Florida. By Dick Smith & Howard Patton

Attached are some pictures of Sedona AR and the Grand Canyon. We stopped for fuel at each spot. We are at Las Vegas for a Concrete Equipment show. We will leave Friday and go to Mojave CA and visit Ben Harvy who works for Burt Rutan at Scaled Composites. We will leave for home Friday afternoon for the two day trip home. So far we have flown 19 hours to get here. Winds and weather have been good to us.


Attached are 11 photos that highlight our trip to the World of Concrete show. Howard Patton and myself flew the Cessna 172, 8 days and 30 hours in trouble free weather. The trip took 3 days to get to LV with interesting stops in Sadona Arizona, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas for the show via Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. After the show we went to Mojave California and met Ben Harvey who works for Burt Rutan at Scaled Composites. Ben showed us The White Night, Space Ship One, Protus, the Boomerang and many more things. Mojave is a bone yard/parking place for excess passenger jets owned buy several airline companies. Some are late models.

We had lunch with Ben and left for home with a flyby of Sedona and a nice night flight to Wichita Falls, TX. We left one place and the scenery was so nice low down we flew the next 100 miles at 200 ft. During that 100 miles the elevation went from 3800' to 6200' . We landed at an airport at 6500' elevation and a 3 mile runway and got as high as 11,500'  We had mostly tail winds the entire trip with up to 40 mph on the last day.

Dick Smith
Howard Patton

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