Photo page Four:

  Bob and his new GT 500.  Bob's second days flight a real thrill. Photos buy Jim Holbrook.
The following pics are of Alligator point, and the ST Mark's area.  We went
from KPAM (Tyndall) to Teres to Addax to KCTY (Cross City) to KOCF.
Teres is south of Wakulla Co and Addax is in over the water.  I know
Tracy started taking pictures shortly after take off from Tyndall (you
can see the wonder paper mill in some) until we landed at OCF.  Some of
them are of nothing more than clouds since we had to duck under a front
line at Fish Creek and went from 7500' down to <2500' until well past
Cross City before it cleared off enough to get any higher.  Coming back
we were able to climb to 8500' to get above the front line and enjoyed
the same smooth air we had going down just with a nice headwind instead
of the very light tailwind we had going down.  After crossing the
frontline though we dropped back down to 6500' to lose some of the
headwind and ended up back at 2500' when we picked up an overcast layer
south of TLH and ran the last 55 nm bouncing around avoiding the worst
looking of the clouds (the seal on the windshield needs replaced and
didn't want to get wet).
Gary S.

Photos by Tracy S, who likes the burgers and brownies at the Tampa FBO.

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