At approximately 1500 hours (3:00 PM) my RV-8 and I (call sign N366RV) took to the air for the first time from Sandy Creek Airpark, Panama City Fl. Flew approximately 35 minutes on this maiden flight. This project began in Jun 1997 and finished today with a great flight. The aircraft flew straight and true with no roll tendencies and other then a few instruments needing some calibration, she is ready to go again and so am I. Flying high cover in an RV-6 was Joe Brown. Photo chase was flown by Larry Price in his RV-8 with Rich Turner in the back seat for photos and Don Fitzgerald manning the movie camera to document the event, especially the T/O and landing, which was not too bad for my first one in an RV-8. Mid way through the flight, Kivin Cruson flying his RV-8 joined up on my wing and chased me until I landed. Kivin and his wife just bought my house and hangar here in Panama City. They will take possession in June. I have to fly the 40 hours off the airplane for the test phase and then plan to move it to Greeley Colorado along with all the rest of my stuff. I hate to leave but I need to get all family under one roof and save some money for when I retire. Who knows when that will be. Hope the pictures come out. Ed 

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