Chapter CUBBY Project

As webmaster I received the following E-mail from a member:

  I thought of an idea for an article. Why don't we make a page dedicated to the chapter's cubby? It would be nice if it had the history of the cub from the school's shop to where it is today. I'd like to know where all it has flown and the member's reactions on how it handles with maybe some flying stories of their own in the cub. I would really like to make it encouraging by showing how important this plane is to the chapter, its members and aviation in general. Included in the article could be pictures of the plane, updated progress reports, and who to contact if they want help or information. I know there is a lot more we could put into it and any tips or comments would be welcomed.
What do you think??

Fly Safe

< I thought this was a good idea and advised Tristan "She had just volunteered to gather information to go with the photos.  Webmaster>

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More to follow!