January 2005,


To all Chapter 202 members, recently spamers have repeatedly ATTEMPTED to data mine E-mail addresses from our website. So far their attempts have not been successful. I have changed the listed addresses to become fictitious by placing the words “NO SPAM”  in front of the actual address. Just copy the entire address and then delete the “NO SPAM”


I urge all members join the EAA 202 Yahoo group. THIS GROUP IS PRIVATE  so no one other than our members can send an E-mail or post messages. Please take the time to join so you can keep up with all the important information. The E-mails will be posted so you can select to receive an E-mail per day or view them in the group.  All E-mails will be saved by month and day so you will have a history.


REMEMBER this is a private group to prevent spamers from getting your E-mail address. Sometime in the near future I plan on removing all E-mail addresses from the website.


Please take the 1 minute to join, Just say you’re a member and I’ll approve you.


Trying to improve the chapter,

Vance A. White, Secretary


To find the group go to  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eaa202

To post a message, send e-mail to  eaa202@yahoogroups.com 
NOTE Your e-mail address must be a member of the Yahoo group or the mail will be automatically refused.
Too bad spamers,,, die spammer die.


To unsubscribe simply send an e-mail to eaa202-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com