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B-17 visit information.

  Members, please review the volunteer sign-up sheet for the event in October. Any questions/sign-ups regarding the volunteers

should directed to me...I am trying to put together assignments and

schedules...My e-mail address is on bottem of the form...telephone is 850-231-0288.

Thanks ...Joe Stanko

B-17 Volunteer Assignments


Volunteers                              Duties - Assignments



Gate Entrance - Welcome, directions, brochures, facility questions.  Ombudsman for 202 Chapter…..



B-17 Rides - Moving people In/Out of Aircraft (rear door) for rides.



Aircraft Taxis - Keep people safe when engines running and taxis.


Ground Tours- One at entrance ladder, one in cockpit, and one at rear exit.  Assist people through the aircraft tour.




Merchandize Sales- Work in souvenir trailer provided by EAA selling merchandize, and ground tour tickets (sticker).



Food/Refreshments -


Assignment        Dates (Oct. 6,7,8) (9 Rain Date)  Name

Gate Entrance




B-17 Rides




Aircraft Taxis




Ground Tours




Merchandize Sales








Please submit to Joe Stanko or E-mail to  

Ideas and Suggestions  

Create a EAA Chapter 202 brochure for information and recruiting with Contact in 202 and Name,  Address,  Phone, E-mail, of visitor…cut off from brochure … to be used as a drawing for prize….also can be used by chapter in recruiting…publicity.

 Tee Shirts - Chapter Tee Shirts worn by Volunteers to identify themselves to visitors.

 Navy Blue (100% Cotton) - TSP 729-3000        $14.36   (20)   includes setup   XXL $2.00 more.

 Proposed parking spot: