Beer Keg Refueler (patent ain't pending, build your own)

With the price of AvGas increasing and my Sidewinder airplane fully able 

to run quite nicely on good auto fuel I was faced with the problem

of the 5gal plastic jugs bouncing around in the back of my truck.

Following a 4th of July party, when I came to I noticed the beer keg was

empty and laying on its side. I thought "16 gals of gas in my plane never

 gave me this much of a headache" and the plot was hatched.

Project Goals:

1. Must be safe (even in a rear-ender)

2. NO Electric Motors to spark and blow my butt across the ramp.

3. Must be filtered ( I hate particles and water in my fuel)

4. Must be easy as pumping fuel in my car.

5. Must hold at least 15 Gal of gas.

refuler1w.jpg (63231 bytes) Click for larger view 

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