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My Solution:     Photos at end of page.

1. Drink all the beer from a good beer keg (wait until sober for #2.)

2. Trip to the local radiator repair shop to beg for a used radiator filler housing.  Cost $ 5.00 tip (and he threw in a good 13 pound pressure cap)

3.Remove the BUNG from the keg (remove the clips just like the main wheel bearings on your plane) Use a threaded nipple welded/silver soldered into the hole with a pipe cap to seal the bung hole tightly.  (For up-right type Fit the filler pipe in place of the cap.)

4. Drill to the rear of the keg and silver solder in a 3/4" copper pickup tube that extends to the bottom of the keg. ( I cut up the side of the pipe 1/2" to keep the pickup tube off the bottom of the keg. (For up-right type drill in the top, but off center.

5. Drill larger hole and weld/silver solder for Fill pipe that has the radiator fill housing & cap attached. The reason for the radiator type cap is for SAFETY, in case the pressure builds up too high. A 13 pound cap should release the excess pressure through the overflow tube and prevent any nasty things from happening.  The overflow tube should be vented outside the vehicle by use of a vinyl hose.

6. NAPA stores carry a great fuel filter and cartridge for $30.00. Replacement cart. are only $7.00 & I get a new one each January.  Plumb that sucker in by using reducers and copper pipe. Be sure to secure the filter to the frame of the keg for support.

7. A used Nozzle and hose can be acquired late at night from any closed convenience store or you may find someone changing out nozzles like I did. Another $5.00 tip. My friend did the unethical thing and purchased a new hose and nozzle for $35.00. (He has been drummed out of the scavengers club for 3 years)

8. A small 3/8Ēpipe is installed in the center of the tank to screw on a Air Pressure Regulator for limiting the incoming pressure to 8 to 12 pounds. Any more than 12lbs will cause the nozzle to click off as it canít handle any additional volume of fuel. Plus the radiator/safety cap will pop and send the air/vapors overboard. (Up-right type attach on opposite side of pickup tube.)

9. Build a cradle to support the keg (now refueler) so that it doesnít fly around when you go over bumps.

10. Attach any pressure source to the regulator ( I use my portable air tank which is good for several fuelling) and pump away, DONíT FORGET TO GROUND THE TANK TO THE PLANE WITH GROUNDING WIRE.

My version lies on its side but friends have built them to sit upright. You use the same type of plumbing except the filler pipe can be welded into the old bung hole.   Click for larger view

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