In the Hangar 2003

I decided to throw a wing-ding for fellow flyers and invited 
both of my friends to a Bar-B-Que in the Hangar/Ready Room
at Panama City Airport.  44 folks taxied, walked or flew in from
near and far (Atlanta and Port St Joe). Oldest person was appox.
 110 years old( well several looked it) and the youngest was Chandler
Age 2 and I am sure a student pilot already.

The Hangar was cleaned (the best a grumpy old guy could do) 
Grills were set up early, the Chicken, Ribs, Burgers and Hot Dogs
were cooked to perfection and served with Salad, Beans and other "fixins". 

I was amazed that several wives, girlfriends, lady flyers, etc were
on hand to be a part of an aviation Bar-B-Que. Usually these are
 "GUY THINGS".  They were a very welcome change.

No speeches were made so everyone just enjoyed the company of aviators.
Lots of flying hands and lies abounded. Someone would tell a tall tail and three
others would swear to it.  A Good time was had by all.

Special thanks to my Friend Harold Kern, he helped build benches, cooked and
cleaned. Thanks again Harold.        Click photo for larger view

img_2477.jpg (75364 bytes) The cooks img_2478.jpg (87795 bytes) The Banquet table

NO expense was too great for furniture

img_2479.jpg (103201 bytes) The main table img_2480.jpg (100056 bytes) A person could loose a finger if he wasn't careful
img_2484.jpg (86630 bytes) Aviators of all ages! img_2476.jpg (78411 bytes) Of course there were planes.
img_2481.jpg (92211 bytes) Ain't aviatin' grand! img_2482.jpg (64235 bytes) Winner of the most distance taxied
img_2483.jpg (74050 bytes) Cars, planes, trucks and scooters img_2485.jpg (91774 bytes) Ahh the ambiance
img_2486.jpg (71610 bytes) Friends don't let friends fly single wing aircraft img_2488.jpg (73989 bytes) OK, time for your solo flight. Just pick one & go.
img_2489.jpg (73600 bytes) I want the one on the end. Thanks guys and gals, it was fun. Lets do it again next year!


Photos by Frank Gorham